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Church front 2Homelands Free Church has been working to spread the Christian message in Frinton and Walton for thirty years. In that time our ministry has grown through the development of a wide range of adult, youth and children's activities. In all we do we aim to put Jesus first, and to help other people come to know Him.

To hear God's word preached to us at Homelands,
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We have a monthly 'Messy Church' meeting which is at 4.00 pm on the second Thursday of each month (not Messy EasterAugust). However, in April it will start an hour earlier at 3.00 pm. All families welcome. Click on the 'Messy Church' link above to see what we will be doing at Messy Church.

We do hope that you will find all the information you need on this website, but if you want to know more please do contact us.

Below are some of the organisations that our church supports.
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